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A fully autonomous, automated and connected solution against water damage.

The Water Protec smart valve stops the water flow in the following second, avoiding any excessive damage that could have been caused by the water leak. Wireless sensors are installed in strategic areas of your home and automatically detect the presence of water. When a detection of water occurs, the sensors send an RF signal to the main control panel which will immediately shut-off the smart valve, that is installed directly at the main water supply.

Water leaks are a

Water claims in Canada have risen by 40% since 20141

25% of Canadians have had a water in their home damage incident2

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Recognized by most Insurance Companies in Canada

You may be eligible for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy by having a Water Protec System installed.

Ask your insurer today about potential savings!

The Water Protec System includes

3/4” Electronic Valve

A smart valve is installed at the main water inlet and will automatically shut off water supply if sensors detect a leak.

Control Panel

The control panel interacts with sensors for water leak detection and battery strength.

5 Wireless Sensors

The kit includes 5 sensors which can be installed in strategic locations throughout your house.

Remote Control

The remote control allows you to control the intelligent valve from a distance during extended absences.

Also available

Water Leak Detection System Accessories Kit includes 1 sensor with cable

To use when a sink and a dish washer is side by side

Water Leak Detection System Accessories Kit includes 2 additional wireless sensors

Used to protect additional locations in your home

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Watch the video to make the installation easier.


We recommend that the installation of the valve be performed by a certified plumber.

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Water heater

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Washing machine

Sensors installation

Sensors should be installed at the lowest point of the floor to allow water to reach the sensor. They must be securely fastened with the Velcro supplied and must never be installed directly on concrete. A sticker to prevent contact with concrete is provided in the box.

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Fridge equipped with a water line

Suggested locations to protect

To be installed in strategic locations throughout your home, such as the water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, toilets, refrigerator equipped with a water line, etc.

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